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Hey kiddos, Gilan David's son here!
Question of the Month: Who is the best villain, and why?
-Expert Coffee brewer, consulting detective, 5 time winner of the Miss Araluen beauty pageant

I will RP! Don't be afraid to ask about that or anything else!

RA Graphic Challenge  

Ask me about anything! Especially ask me about myself!

Sorry for not posting often lately. I can’t help it. You all are just peasants to me. That’s right if you were living in a medieval village right now you would be a peasant, I would be a rangers and Bill Gates would probably be a baron

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The fact that my wife’s name means “mirror” is no coincidence to all the GilanxGilan shippers out there (YEAH I KNOW YOU EXIST)

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Anonymous said: Hey, Gil, got a question. Do Rangers ever get headaches? Because I've sure got a killer one right now. If you do, what do you do for it?

UHHHHH yeah we do. We may be dark wizards but we are HUMAN dark wizards with (a few) human weaknesses. When I have a headache sometimes a teeny bit of warmweed will help, but that’s not always around. In that case I usually just sleep it off. I hope this helped and you feel better! 

There’s a question of the month in my blog description!

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Anonymous said: What would happen if you successfully convinced Halt to try helium? Like, regardless of what you do to convince him, he actually does? I really want to know how that'd go..

So yeah me and my buddy/former mentor/personal raincloud Halt were once passing through a village on our way to Castle Araluen. He went to go procure us a room at the local tavern, and I took to wandering the few narrow lanes that made up the settlement. I ran into some kiddos playing football(That’s soccer for all you Americans), and asked if I could join in. The kids were very nice, and turned out to be better than me at the sport, which is no surprise. Having long legs just make me trip on myself even more, so when I’m running I just look like a huge baby deer. I was talking to them after the games wrapped up, and one of them told me that a wise man once said if you suck out the air from a balloon you gain magic powers. Suspicious, I endeavored to investigate. One of the girls ran and got a balloon.

Alas, no magic powers but a high voice greeted me. I laughed and said some funny things, then wished the children good-day. Halt was sulking, or should I say “thinking” in the tavern stables while muttering to Abelard. I rushed over, pretending to be slightly unnerved.

“Halt!” I exclaimed. “I’ve been hearing strange things here, and I think we should investigate!”

“What now?” he grumbled. Grumbled now that I think of it is the perfect way to describe Halt. My wife here informs me that grumbled is not an adjective, but I think it should be in his case.

“They have these things called ‘Ball-oons’” I explained, showing him the one I had brought with me. “They say if you breathe the air inside you become super-human.”

“Did you try it?” The grumbled man grumbled.

“Well,” I answered hesitantly, “I was kind of too nervous. What if it’s poisonous?”

“Hand it over” replied the older ranger, and he breathed in the helium. It took all my might not to start wildly giggling.

“I don’t feel any different” muttered Halt, and then he grabbed his throat. “My voice!” he squeaked, no longer grumbly. I couldn’t hold it in. I doubled over in laughter. Halt scowled at me, trying to keep a serious face on. “I hate former apprentices,” he squeaked. “Especially ones who are too clever for their own good.”

For the rest of the day he wouldn’t speak. Nervous I guess that the helium still would affect his voice.

Some Ideas for This Blog

So I was thinking of ways I could interact more with this fandom. Would you guys like

  • A monthly question for the fandom (for example: fav scene? dream cast?)
  • writing more about the RA second generation (Will’s kids, etc.)
  • having other characters answer questions
  • crack fan fic submissions
  • blog awards
  • giveaways (my dirty laundry)
  • something else???

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Anonymous said: Hello, beautiful new picture of you!

hello, beautiful regular anon picture! Yeah it’s pretty suave, eh? 100% accurate 

My memoir, The Ruins of GIlan, about my emotional and moral journey will come out just in time for the decade anniversary of the other Ruins 

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handwritingofgod said: Sometimes Alyss and Will sit quietly and wonder what happened, the plan was not four children, the plan was zero, zero children was the plan, and now they have four and the twins are always arguing and Mal keeps bringing home frogs to put in Elizabeth's dresser and Anna wants to be like Halt so cut her hair short with Will's saxe knife, and Liz spent THREE HOURS on her hair, who spends three hours on their hair? Teenage girls, that's who.

Would you mind me writing about them?

handwritingofgod said: Will and Alyss have FOUR kids, which... really wasn't the plan. At all. But the first kid turned out to be KIDS, twin boys, and then there was their first daughter, and then their next daughter came out of nowhere ten years later. Daniel and Malcolm, Elizabeth, and Anna. Dan plans on being a ranger, and is extremely dedicated. Mal's extremely intelligent, but lackadaisical. Elizabeth is the spitting image of her mother. Anna wants to be a ranger. Halt and Pauline babysit a lot.